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Remember the Fallen

Remember the Fallen

Honoring the sacrifices of the Fallen we will not forget

May is a very special month throughout the United states as memorial services are held honoring our fallen Law Enforcement in the line of duty.  From Coast to Coast, the Law Enforcement communities have gathered to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving their community.

I have attended several local memorial services in Arizona and California.  The one common factor in all the services is the comrade-ship shared by all.  I was thanked for coming and sharing in the services. even though I was not a member of that department or agency.

"The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial honored the 158 LE Officers who sacrificed their lives in 2018.

The Fallen Knights Foundation will be Los Angeles to attend the Memorial Service for the fallen Law Enforcement Officers of Los Angeles County."

With all the anti-Law Enforcement rhetoric out there, we sometimes forget the sacrifices these brave and heroic men and women endure every day.  Yes, there are some bad apples out there, but I firmly believe that 99.9% of our Law Enforcement is out there every day to help the citizens of their community.

Just like September 11th, 2001, the Fallen Knights Foundation urges everyone to 'NEVER FORGET', never forget the sacrifices these men and women and their families endure for us.

Bob Molina
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