Supporting Fallen

Law Enforcement Families

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Supporting Fallen Law Enforcement Families

Families of our fallen officers sincerely appreciate any donation no matter how small

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Supporting Fallen Law Enforcement Families

Your financial Gift can help the families of our Fallen Police Officers

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Honoring our Nation's Fallen Heroes

For years, our nation's Law Enforcement officers have been considered the best in the world.  Law enforcement Agencies from across the globe come to the United States to be trained by the best.

The Law Enforcement Officer of today has endured and overcome obstacles which have functioned to make them ever greater to their chosen filed of service.

​Unfortunately, in order to protect the citizenry of their communities, our officers most often face dangerous individuals.  These people generally only care about self-indulgence, destruction and the callous taking of life.

​With 75% of Law Enforcement Agencies in t​he U.S. Having less than 25 officers, caring for their families after a tragedy , frequently becomes a financial challenge for many Law Enforcement Associations and Agencies.

​This is where FKF, with your support, can step in and help; alleviating some of the burden of carrying on after the loss of their loved one.


​Honor • Gratitude • Support

The Fallen Knights Foundation Inc. (FKF) is a non-profit organization which honors all men and women of Law Enforcement who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty protecting the citizens of their communities.

The Foundation honors those of Municipal, County, State, Federal and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies who have given their lives while in the performance of their duties.

FKF honors these heroes by financially assisting their families with expenses endured from the untimely and tragic event , as well as offering a scholarship fund.

Historical records not kept by Fallen Knights

Fallen knights foundation does not keep historical records of Law Enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.  The Foundation will keep current, yearly records of the Officers and Families who have sacrificed and for which the foundation provides assistance.

The Fallen Knights Foundation proudly supports the efforts of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) for statistics of all Law Enforcement Officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Fallen Knights News

Robert D. Molina

As a 31 year veteran of the Los Angeles Count Sheriff's Department and a 3 year International Police Advisor in Afghanistan, I have learned that the majority of Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.S. are small departments with small associations for their officers.  Therefore, when an Officer, Deputy or Agent loses his or her life in the line of duty, it is a tragic event for all, financially and emotionally.

The Knight is the Protector of the Kingdom & its Citizens

I know that there are State and National  Organizations supporting families, but sometimes it isn't enough.  Several times I have found families on sites like 'Go Fund Me' asking for help.  This isn't enough.  This is why I have taken on this endeavor.  The Foundation will not interfere with any other Organization, but enhance their efforts in supporting the families of fallen law enforcement.  The Fallen Knights Foundation's mission is to assure that the families of fallen officers whether City, State, County, Federal or Tribal are able to cope with such a tragic event with financial support and psychological services available to the family.

The Foundation Will Provide

  • Financial support for funeral and burial expenses up to $10,000.  If these expenses are met by the Officer's Association or other entity, the Foundation will issue the family $10,000 for any other expenses the family may endure.
  • A $10,000 educational scholarship will be issued to each minor child of the Fallen Officer and Psychological Services/Grief Counseling will be provided to the family as needed.

This is a new organization which will assist and help our Law Enforcement families at a time which is critical.  Your help and financial support is needed to help the Foundation assist the families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers.

The Foundation is a licensed Arizona Corporation under business license # L21697380 and the Foundation is an IRS 501(C)3 organization.

Please lend your support to the Fallen Knights Foundation by obtaining a membership with the Fallen Knights Foundation.   Becoming a Fallen Knights member is easy and your participation is important and valued.

Your Support will be Forever Appreciated

Corporate Sponsorship

If you are interested in assisting and helping our fallen Law Enforcement and their families, at a time which is critical, we ask that you become a Corporate Sponsor.  As a Corporate Sponsor, your Corporate/Company name and logo will be placed on the Foundation website as a Corporate Sponsor.

The Fallen Knights is a licensed Arizona Corporation under business license number L21697380.

The Fallen Knights Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) Organization.

Our Very Generous Sponsors

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Fallen Knights is an Arizona corporation and a registered 501(C)3 Charitable Organization

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